Genuine Learning Academy Foundation

Grades 8~11

Grades 8~11

Mondays and Wednesdays

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

July 5th – 30th

COST: $350


Want to get them active? Want to try new sports? Come enjoy some fitness fun! Try a morning full of sports – badminton, soccer, parachute, basketball, pickle ball and more. Every morning will be full of fun and games!


Master key skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving. Creative writing, readers theater, poetry and analysis, and academic essay writing. Come enjoy a walk through the park, write about your experiences and use your imagination to be creative!

Write your own book?

Possibly a blog? There is something for everyone.


Young minds can explore the world of science by engaging in hands on activities, building creations, making messes and possibly explosions? We will apply inquiry based instruction, in which students take part in interactive lessons to enhance critical thinking. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions, design procedures, carry out investigations, and analyze data. Each week students will focus on a unique project.