Genuine Learning Academy Foundation



At Genuine Learning Academy, we have many exciting opportunities for your child to build and grow.

We are proud to announce that we will be starting a BEFORE and AFTER SCHOOL Program for students in Grade k-5.

Our HOMEWORK CLUB and BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM are totally child centered. The foundation being the provision of a safe, stimulating environment designed to meet the needs of each child. The Programs offered is a reflection of our philosophy.

At Genuine Learning Academy, we follow the path of God and we value:

We value each child as special and precious in God’s eyes.
We value children as unique, competent individuals.
We value children’s opinions.
We value children learning through play.
We value parent’s feedback and participation


GLA’s mission is to provide a safe, nurturing Christ-centered homework club and afterschool program for children to learn and grow. Our goal is to provide children with activities and opportunities that will enhance their spiritual, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional and social development.

Both programs are committed to nurturing and guiding children. We provide an environment that fosters trust, security and comfort. We strive to provide a balance of activities that help children to progress in spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. We respect and value differences; we recognize that children are individuals and that every child is unique.

We are committed to providing the best education and care as possible. The quality of this program is set from many years in the field and an educational background in educational that will allow us to meet the needs of each family and the community.

We look forward to having you at Genuine Learning Academy.