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Principal’s message to graduating students

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I always think of graduation as one of those “happy-sad times”. It is a time of finishing high school which brings a sense of accomplishment and thanksgiving that you have completed all those years of schooling and all those hours of homework. It is a time when you can look forward to greater freedoms, more independence, and following a career dream. However, there is always a sad part to graduation, as it is a time of goodbyes as well. You will be moving on in different directions, making new connections, and possibly making new homes. This new direction in your lives also brings greater responsibilities. You will need to think about making a living, where you will live, paying your bills, and finalizing that career choice you have been thinking about. As you can see, it is a time of joy and a time of reflection.


I would like to congratulate you all for persevering in your studies and completing your schooling. For you it has not only been a time of studying the curriculum, but also a time of learning a new language and culture while being away from your homes. You are all very brave and I commend you on your diligence.

As you move on into this next phase of your life, I hope you have acquired the ability to think critically and the skills to take care of yourselves. Remember you are all part of this great global community we live in,  and we all have a special part in its development. Remember also that in all things, as stated in Joshua 1:9,  “Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” He will always be by your side, encouraging you, strengthening you, celebrating with you, holding you because he seeks only the best for you in this life.

    From Principal Joan      


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