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GLA Student Activities 2022 - 2023

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The new school year has started finally!

All students are now in senior high school. They are excited, but at the same time worried about their new study.


To help students study more deeply, Mr. Poon joined our school.

He majored in medicine at UBC, and he teaches students math, physic, and science.

We warmly welcome him and hope that he gives fun and informative classes.


Also, we are starting school clubs from this year:

Soccer Club (Grade 12: Ayan Lee, Kevin Lee)

Math Olympiad Club (Grade 12: Andy Park, Daniel Jeong, Grade 10: Seona Kim)

Debate Club (Grade 12: Dan Kim, Grade 10: Skylar Sohn)

Missionary Service Club (Grade 10: Jason Liu, John In, Sion Oh, Grade 11: Neriah Chukuka)



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