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Principal's message 12, June 2022

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As the school year draws to a close, I would like to share some highlights with you. We have an amazing art gallery of student art work in our main room. Students completed a masters study and then picked one of the artist's paintings to attempt. We have quite a range of styles represented and some of the pieces are very well done.


In PE we have bee working on volleyball. Our skills are improving, but we still celebrate frequently when our serves make it over or we have an especially good volley going. This unit appeared to be a favourite for some.


In English, Social Studies, and art we are doing a First Nations study. Students are in groups and will be presenting a group to the class. We are taking more of a cultural approach at first to gain some understanding of the First Nations peoples, and will end with a look at the residential schools issue.


Next week Grades 10 and 11 will be writing the Literacy and numeracy exam for grade 10. Following the exam on Thursday will be a class potluck.


Our last week of school, beginning June 20, will include a Sports Day on Monday June 20 and on June 23 will be our final day of school. Report cards will also be released that day. 


It has been an amazing year, and it has been great to see the students grow in knowledge and skill development. I hope all have a restful summer so that they can be revitalized for 2022.2023.

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