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Principal Message 26, May 2022

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Good day parents and guardians of Genuine Learning Academy students. We have a brief newsletter to share with you as we enter the last few weeks of the regular school year. The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming so spring is here and summer is on the way.

First, we would like to inform you that the students' interim reports for the last term will be available on Friday, May 27. If you have any questions about your student's progress, please contact the school to make an appointment with the teacher to have a conversation about your student.

Also, On May 31 and June 2 there will be a training on how to use MyEd Student (Parent/Guardian) account. Please attend so you can learn how to keep abreast of your student's progress.

On July 17, there will be a potluck celebration for the year. The location will be at Neriah Chukuka's home. We are thankful for the opportunity to celebrate the year end and for the hospitality given to us by Neriah's family.

Some updates on what students are currently working on. In our Physical Education program we have completed badminton and are working on Volleyball skills. Students are learning how to serve and volley. As well, they are learning to work as a team to help get that ball over the net. We celebrate as some students are developing their serving skills and getting that ball over, in addition to long rallies between the 2 sides.

In Social studies  grade 9 is studying the effects of imperialism in the world, grade 10 is learning about Canadian Government, and grade 11 is doing a survey of some of the genocides that have occurred in our past and present. All classes are developing their critical thinking skills and analysing different interpretations of these events.

In English, all three grades are completing a novel study. Grade 9 is reading the Hobbit, Grade 10 is reading To Kill a Mockingbird, and grade 11 is reading The Kite Runner. The emphasis in this unit is the themes found in these novels and what picture of life they present.

In Art, we are completing a unit on some of the Masters of Art and attempting to recreate some of their works.

We will end the year with an integrated studies unit on First Nations peoples of Canada, their culture, worldview, and the genocide they expeerienced in Canada. Students will also learn about First Nations' art and read a novel written from a first nations author.

Finally, we would like to thank all our students for completing the University of Waterloo's Canada wide math contest. Our top students were Seona Kim, Andy Park, and Daniel Jeong. Well-done.

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We should do Basketball teacher <3

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