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What to do after your Covid-19 Test ?

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Your test result will help you know how long you need to self-isolate.
If your test is positive, scan the QR code or go to for next steps.
Get your test result
How long to self-isolate
    If you test negative
If you test positive
 Stay home until your symptoms improve and you feel well enough to return to regular activities.
  Self-isolate at home for the following number of days, starting from the first day you had symptoms (or if you didn’t have symptoms, starting from the day of your test):
5 days 10 days
Important: If symptoms have not improved after the 5 or 10 days, continue to self-isolate until your fever is gone and you feel better.
 Fully vaccinated person or a child (under 18 years old)
Adult (over 18 years old) who is not fully vaccinated
  Fully vaccinated means: you have two doses of any of the World Health Organization approved COVID-19 vaccines (e.g. Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca) or one dose of the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine.


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